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As a registrar, you can process domain name applications through Nominet's registrar systems - there are two steps to becoming a registrar:
  1. Complete a TAG application form
  2. Set up your account

Complete a TAG application form

TAGs are unique codes used to identify the source of communications that are sent to our registration systems. You need a TAG in order to be able to communicate successfully with our registration systems.

To be allocated a TAG and become a registrar you need to submit an application and agree to the terms of our Registrar Agreement.

The new Registrar Agreement incorporates three new tag types for registrars to choose from depending on who their customers are, the service levels they work to and whether they wish to make the most of the additional benefits of being accredited.

Channel Partner Tag

This tag is for registrars who wish to manage domains on behalf of customers at the new higher level of general requirements but who do not wish to meet the highest standards required of those with an Accredited Channel Partner tag.

Accredited Channel Partner Tag

This tag is for registrars who register and manage domains on behalf of third parties and wish to be recognised and receive benefits for providing higher standards than registrars with a Channel Partner Tag.  The key benefits of this tag classification are:

  • Access to registrant name change facility
  • Ability to opt out of automated communications
  • Right to transfer expired domains into own name
  • Accredited status listed on Nominet corporate website
  • Ability to apply for marketing and promotional programmes
  • Usage of ‘accreditation stamp’ / seal of approval
  • Feature on ‘a great place to be’ .uk website registrar selector tool

Self-Managed Tag

This tag is for those who exclusively or primarily manage their own domains, such as portfolio holders or corporate registrars.


After we have received your application we may take up bank and trade references. We reserve the right to conduct reasonable credit checks. When we receive satisfactory references we will open a credit account for you. If your references are unsatisfactory or unavailable we will ask you to deposit a sum of money against your account before you can make any transactions using our registrar systems.

Set up your account

When your application is approved our Compliance Team will contact you with your tag details. You can then proceed with registering to use our registry systems.  You will need to have completed this before you can start to process domain name applications.  If you need any advice regarding this please contact our customer services team.

Fees for .uk Domain names

If you are a member of Nominet and a registrar you are entitled to receive a discount for domain name registration fees and may choose to use our multi-year registration functionality. If you are a registrar but not a member of Nominet you will be charged the full registration fee of £80 plus VAT for each domain name.

gTLD Registrar service

Applicants who are not existing UK namespace registrars will be able to create a new account and credit account, and apply for the gTLD registrar service. Please call our Customer Services Team to arrange this.

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