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Registrar services & systems

We have a number of systems and services available to registrars to assist with the registration and management of domain names.

These include BI, a business intelligence reporting tool which allows registrars to analyse their .uk domain registrations against the market. 

Domain Management Systems

  • Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) – the industry standard system for registering domain names that uses XML over an SSL secure connection to our server.
  • Web Domain Manager - web based online interface that can be used to register and manage domain names as well as customer accounts and data.
  • Automaton  - our email-based system for registering and manipulating domain names on the .uk register.  Commands are sent to the automaton by PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) signed email.

Please note that only EPP is available for managing gTLD domains.

Nominet Online Services

  • Online Services - our web based account management system for members, registrars and registrants. It allows account holders to manage the services that they subscribe to such as a credit account, registrar service, PRSS or DAC subscription. For domain name registrants it provides access to functions including registrar change, domain name cancellation and registration certificates.

Registrar Resources

  • Registrar Resources - our portal solely dedicated to registrar "business". The site lists Nominet announcements, details of all system updates, instructions, links to Nominet domain management tools (including Online Services and Business Intelligence) and any other information needed to manage registrar relationships with Nominet.

Comsumer Resources

We also promote our products and services through a number of consumer friendly initiatives:

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