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Complaining about a registrar

There are a variety of different operating models used by registrars throughout the .uk market. In many cases, if you aren’t happy with the way that a registrar works, your best option is to find another registrar who has a different approach. However, all registrars are required to comply with our Registrar Agreement.

The Registrar Agreement was written specifically to address certain issues that have been the subject of complaints we have received from registrants and registrars alike. These include:

  • Registrars not transferring domain names upon request.
  • Charges for registrant transfer and other services not being clear on the registrar's web site or contract documentation.
  • Service timescales not being stated clearly.
  • Registrars not acting upon instructions to update registrant contact data.
  • Domain names being registered in the registrar's name without explicit permission of the registrant.
  • Resellers not providing the same level of service as the registrar to which they are contracted.
  • Registrars not making registrants aware of our terms and conditions and how it impacts on our relationship with both parties.

If you believe you have experienced any of the problems above or have been made aware that a Nominet registrar is not complying with the Registrar Agreement, we will investigate the complaint and take steps to remedy the situation.

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