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How we can help

Dispute Resolution Service

Our Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) offers an efficient and transparent method of resolving disputes relating domain names. Using the DRS we seek to settle .uk domain name disputes through mediation and, where this is not possible, through an independent expert decision. In order to be able to make a complaint through the DRS, you need to have rights (such as a trade mark) in a name which is the same as or similar to the domain name you are concerned about.

The Public Register Search Service

The Public Register Search Service (PRSS) allows you to search the .uk domain name register. It is a tool that can help in the gathering of information for disputed domain name cases, as well as for investigating and prosecuting possible offences including false identities and criminal offences. The PRSS can also be useful for academic research and Governmental functions.

The PRSS provides the same information as our WHOIS tool does, but is most useful for those trying to track use of a brand or business name in new domain name registrations over time. You will need to pay an annual fee to use the PRSS.


There are a variety of different operating models used by registrars throughout the .uk market. In many cases, if you aren’t happy with the way that a registrar works, your best option is to find another registrar who has a different approach. However, all registrars are required to comply with our Registrar Agreement. If you complain to us that the behaviour of a registrar has breached these terms, we will investigate the complaint and take steps to remedy the situation as appropriate.

We also operate a Complaints Procedure relating to our own work. We aim to provide all our customers with exemplary service and robustly investigate any complaints.

Website content

Generally speaking, we’re not able to help you if you’re concerned about the content of a website, but we do have some advice on steps you can take.

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