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Objecting to website content

In the majority of cases, we cannot simply suspend a domain name at the request of a third party.

If your objection concerns the content or use of a website, you should in the first instance complain to the person or organisation that has registered the website. If this route is unsuccessful you could complain to the person that is hosting the website. If you find that the registrant has concealed their identity, you can contact us. These steps are outlined more fully below.

Step 1 - Contacting the person or organisation that has registered the website

You can use our WHOIS tool to find the registrant's name and address (this WHOIS is only for .uk domains - if you are interested in another ending, look at the Internic WHOIS, and then at the WHOIS of the registrar that Internic indicates.)

Step 2 - Contacting the registrant’s agent or website host

A WHOIS search on the domain name will tell you who the registrant's agent (registrar) is and direct you to their website. If the site does not give contact details, look at our list of registrars. The registrar is often the website host too or, if they are not, may have alternative means for contacting the registrant.

Step 3 - Concealed identity

If you think that the registrant name in the WHOIS is not sufficiently detailed, or is wrong, you can alert us. Some non-trading registrants may opt to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service if they meet our opt-out requirements – again you should let us know if you think this is being used incorrectly.

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive from the website owner or host, one of these authorities may be able to assist you further (though they may not be able to help if the owner or host is based abroad):

Domain names used in connection with criminal activity

If you believe a domain name is being used to commit a crime, please email

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