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Instructions for use

Getting started

Once you have logged into the system through the log in page of our Online Services you may choose to do a domain or registrant search.

Domain search

The PRSS allows you to look up exact domain names or domains that are similar to the one you are searching. The ‘similar’ searches can be completed in two ways; through the use of wildcard characters and through our ‘similar to’ search which is based on an algorithm for character replacement. Your search will need to include at least 3 characters.

Registrant search

This search option allows you to search for domain names registered to a particular registrant. There are three search options available: contains the words, contains the phrase, and matches exactly. Contains the words searches will return domain names where the registrant field matches the search terms in any order. Contains the phrase searches will return domain names where the registrant field matches the search terms in the order given.

The search results can be filtered by a range of factors including address, postcode, registration date ranges, TAG and domain suffix (for example or

Saving search data

You may export search results to CSV files. You will be presented with options which allow you to tailor the number of domain names you export.


The PRSS alerts allow up to 20 search terms to be monitored automatically, sending an email notification whenever matching domain names are registered. Alert terms are based on the Domain match search type described above, and can include wildcards.


The PRSS operates a quota system which allows you to view a maximum of 21,000 per week. Any results displayed will be deducted from your weekly quota. You can adjust the number of results that you want to have displayed.

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