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Expert Review Group

The Expert Review Group (ERG) is concerned with quality control in the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) Expert decisions. Each fully reasoned decision will be reviewed by a member of the ERG before it is published. The ERG member will review the draft decision and provide feedback to the expert. However, the expert will remain responsible for the decision and will not be required to make any changes to the draft decision that they do not wish to make.

This helps make sure that decisions are consistent with the DRS Policy and Procedure and previous decisions. The ERG members are also responsible for forming the panel which hears appeal cases.

Why doesn’t Nominet check the decisions?

We are neutral in the DRS and do not take a view on decisions. The Experts are independent, so it is better if they are self-regulating. However, in the rare cases where a complaint is received about an Expert or their decision, then we may raise that with the Chair of the Expert Review Group.

Who are the members of the Expert Review Group?

There are six members of the Expert Review Group:



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