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Experts List

An independent expert may be appointed from the list of experts below if the complainant in a Dispute Resolution Service case chooses to pay to have the expert appointed for a full or summary decision. A panel of three experts may also be appointed if either party decides to appeal an expert decision.

Expert Occupation
Adam Taylor Solicitor: Internet Law and E-commerce Principal
Alan Limbury Chartered Arbitrator and Specialist Accredited Mediator
Andrew Clinton Information Technology and e-commerce Partner
Andrew Lothian Solicitor: Consultant in e-commerce
Anna Carboni Partner and Solicitor Advocate at Redd Solicitors LLP
Bob Elliott Consultant, non-practising solicitor.
Carl Gardner Barrister
Chris Tulley Solicitor: Intellectual Property
Claire Milne Telecoms Consultant
Clive Trotman Arbitrator and Mediator
David Engel Solicitor: Commercial Litigation Partner
David King Solicitor: Law Society Adjudicator
David Taylor Solicitor: Intellectual Property, Media & Technology Partner
Dawn Osborne Solicitor: Internet Law and e-commerce Partner
Gill Grassie Solicitor: Intellectual Property and Technology
Ian Lowe Solicitor: Intellectual Property and Technology Consultant
James Bridgeman Barrister
Jane Seager Solicitor: Intellectual Property Media & Technology
Jason Rawkins Solicitor: Information Technology and Intellectual Property Partner
Jon Lang Independent Mediator
Keith Gymer Trade Mark Attorney: Partner
Mark de Brunner Civil Servant, HM Revenue and Customs
Matthew Harris Head of IP and IT Litigation
Michael Silverleaf QC QC: Intellectual Property
Niall Lawless Chartered Arbitrator and Mediator
Nick Gardner Solicitor: Intellectual Property Consultant
Nick Phillips Partner and Solicitor at Edwin Coe LLP.
Patricia Jones Solicitor: Intellectual Property
Peter Davies Barrister
Phillip Roberts Barrister: Intellectual Property
Ravi Mohindra Solicitor: In house
Richard Stephens Solicitor: Information Technology; mediator; arbitrator
Russell Richardson Solicitor: Intellectual Property
Sallie Spilsbury Chartered Arbitrator
Simon Chapman Solicitor: Intellectual Property Partner
Stephen Bate Barrister
Steve Ormand Solicitor
Steven Maier Solicitor: Information Technology and Intellectual Property Partner
Tim Brown Director of Brand Protection
Tony Willoughby IP Consultant
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