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Policy and procedure

Our DRS Policy & Procedure are the rules and system by which the Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) operates and form part of the contract of registration for .uk domain names. The Policy sets out the basic rules which govern the DRS, while the Procedure deals with the operation of the DRS (e.g. setting out time limits).

The version of the DRS Policy and DRS Procedure that we currently operate with came into effect on 29th July 2008.

To succeed as a complainant in a DRS case, you must show that:

  • you have rights in a name which is the same as or identical to the domain name; and
  • the registration, in the hands of the respondent, is an abusive registration (some examples of this are set out in the Policy).

It is for the complainant to prove that they should succeed in the DRS, but a respondent may successfully respond to a DRS complaint, by showing for example that :

  • you had a legitimate reason for registering the domain name; and
  • the registration was not designed to take unfair advantage of the complainant’s rights.

It is important for both a complainant and respondent to read the Policy and Procedure carefully.

Previous versions of the policy are available:

Version 1 of the Policy and Procedure applied to complaints started between September 2001 and October 2004.
Version 2 of the Policy and Procedure applied to complaints started between October 2004 and July 2008.

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