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Membership Logo Acceptable Use Policy

This is the Acceptable Use Policy that forms part of the contract you enter into to use the Nominetâ„¢ membership logo.

Since this Acceptable Use Policy is part of your contract for the use of the membership logo, if you fail to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy, this can result in the same consequences contained in the Terms of Use of the membership logo. This means we may end the contract and you will no longer be able to use the membership logo.

This is the acceptable use policy, which forms part of the terms of use for the logo. Because of that, failure to observe the rules set out in these guidelines can be treated in the same way as a breach of the contract.

You must not use the logo in a deceptive, misleading or confusing manner. This includes, amongst other things:

  • misrepresenting an endorsement or approval (or both) of your goods, services or business practices (or any combination of the three) by us; or
  • representing any sort of partnership or business relationship between us and you other than the actual membership.

You must not alter the logo in any way. This includes, amongst other things a ban on:

  • changing or altering the colour, resolution, font, size, text. symbols or orientation;
  • adding or obscuring any text or picture elements; or
  • altering or obscuring the copyright and/or trade marks symbols and other practices banned in this acceptable use policy.

The rest of the Acceptable Use Policy is contained in these guidelines (pdf).

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