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What membership involves

As a member of Nominet, you can contribute to the running of the company by exercising voting rights at our Annual General Meetings and electing non-executive directors to our Board.

You can make your views heard as a member by meeting other members and the Nominet Executive at our various events. We organise a programme of events specifically for members to meet with members of our Board and Senior Management team. These events take place at venues around the country and provide an opportunity for members to ask questions and also network with each other.

You are welcome to participate in our .uk policy process and register your interest in particular areas, so that we can keep you informed about relevant policy developments.

Members’ Forum

You may also join in discussions relating to Nominet and the Domain Name System on the Members’ Forum. Views expressed there may not represent the views of the majority of the membership.

The Nominet Board and our management team may read and contribute to the forum, although their views should not be construed as official statements. Additionally although staff may have access to the Forum, they do not usually contribute in either a personal or formal capacity. Staff and senior managers will not usually respond to questions on the Forum, although we may occasionally post to the Forum in order to clarify facts and correct any inaccuracies in discussions.

Candidates who are standing for election to the Nominet Board, and who are not members of Nominet, may subscribe to the forum in the run-up to the election.

Rules set out the terms of use for the Members’ Forum.

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