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Current policy discussions and consultations

Our .UK policy process encourages participation from a broad range of interested stakeholders.

Our commitment to working in the public interest means we engage stakeholders when we formulate .UK policy. We welcome stakeholder feedback as a useful means to inform our understanding of policy issues and how they might affect different communities as well as helping us to understand the varied priorities of our stakeholders.

For comment: .UK Registrar Agreement 2015 changes

We are consulting on a small number of minor amendments to the .UK Registrar Agreement. 

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Contact data disclosure in the .UK WHOIS Consultation

Nominet has recently consulted on a proposed policy to clarify what data about registrants is published in the .uk WHOIS and, regardless of what’s published, ensure we have the accurate data essential for running .uk

On 12 March we launched a 12 week public consultation process to seek feedback on the proposals set out in the consultation document. We held a number of stakeholder events throughout the consultation period and stakeholders were invited to respond to the consultation using an online form. The consultation documents, details of the stakeholder events and the supporting material can be found here.

The consultation is now closed. We would like to thank all stakeholders who participated in the consultation process and submitted feedback.

Further information regarding our decision on how to proceed is now available.

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