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.uk - fit for the future at 10 million

The .uk registry has now hit over 10 million domains – maintaining its position as the world’s second largest country code registry.

The 10 millionth registration follows on from two years of strong growth in .uk domains.

Nominet is marking this occasion by announcing a major investment in the .uk brand – a particularly important step given the backdrop of a changing landscape of domain names. This work is focused on growing the market and driving growth in .uk by delivering and building a compelling .uk brand story for businesses and consumers. A marketing campaign, set to roll out from May this year, will include a dedicated .uk website. Registrars can sign up to get involved here.
Multi-year registration periods (MYRP) for .uk domain names will also come into effect from 1 May 2012, giving registrants more flexibility over the length of their registration. The information required by registrars to implement MYRP is available here.
Last, but not least, we have released the latest version of the Domain Business which gives a quarterly overview of the domain name business.
Commenting on passing the 10 million mark, Nominet CEO Lesley Cowley said; ""The cumulative impact of the domains in the registry on the broader economy is huge, acting as the hub for most e-commerce activity in the UK. .uk is a great place to be and the registration of the 10 millionth domain is a fantastic achievement."

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