Consolidation and Changes to the Dispute Resolution Service Policy & Procedure

Comment Period now closed:

The Dispute Resolution Service (DRS) is Nominet’s mediation based process for resolving disputes between parties over the registration or use of .UK domain names.

While the DRS has a proven track record of success, its governing procedures had not been reviewed since 2008 and for historic reasons were set out in two separate documents leaving scope for unnecessary duplication and complexity.

We, therefore, conducted a review of the DRS Policy and Procedure documents during 2015 and in February 2016 we proposed a number of changes. The proposed changes consolidated the previous separate policy and procedure documents into a new single policy document and made a number of additional updates including:

  • General updating to reflect the removal of fax numbers, availability of registrations directly at the second level within .UK;
  • Removal of the option to file hard copy documents with us;
  • Ability of Nominet to reject complaints which appear to be vexatious; and
  • Keeping the fees separate from the policy text.

A comment period for stakeholders’ views on the proposed changes was opened on Wednesday 10 February 2016 and closed at 5pm on Thursday 24 March 2016. We would like to thank all stakeholders who provided feedback.

We are now considering all feedback received and will announce how we intend to proceed in due course. Where the respondent has given permission, written responses will be published in full on our website along with confirmation of our decision on how to proceed.

If you have any questions please email: