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Domain lookup (WHOIS)

You can use our WHOIS to look up any .uk domain for free provided you follow our acceptable use policy. It displays information about domain names registered with us, including: registrant's details, registration date and current status, registrant's agent and the name servers associated with the domain name. It also shows information on who has right of registration for the new shorter, simpler .uk domains.

The Terms and Conditions of domain name registration require all registrants to provide us with accurate and up-to-date details. If your registration qualifies, you may be able to opt out from from having your postal address published on the WHOIS but we reserve the right to pass your address on to anyone who has a legitimate reason for asking for it.

The WHOIS is available to everyone, subject to the terms of use, and shows the name of the registrant and their address as held on our register. The register is not a directory and does not give email addresses of users, nor does it disclose fax or phone numbers. It is not possible to use the WHOIS to find out who owns a particular email address.

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