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What domains are

Domain names are addresses you can use on the Internet for both websites and emails. Each domain name is unique. One of the key roles we have in managing the .uk registry is to make sure that all .uk domain names remain unique.

The domain name of a website is the part you can see in the main address bar after www. The domain name of an email address comes after the @ symbol.

The domain name for Nominet is

How domains work

Domain names operate a little like telephone numbers and enable computers using the Internet to find specific locations (such as your website or your mail box). In fact, they are the ‘word’ part of a string of numbers that are just like telephone numbers. This number is called an Internet Protocol address which is commonly known as an IP address.

So for example you might write ‘Parents Home’ in your telephone address book next to your parents’ telephone number. If you have an automatic dial system in your phone, you just need to select Parents Home and don’t need to remember the number. Domain names work in the same way. When you want to access our website you don’t need to remember the sets of numbers that make up our IP address, you just need to enter or select the words


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