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If you want to transfer your domain name to someone, for example if you have sold your business or sold your domain name, then you will need to complete the registrant transfer process.

Transfer through your registrar

Accredited registrars are able to transfer domains on behalf of their customers. View a list of our accredited registrars.

Transfer a single domain name

If you want to initiate the registrant transfer process, you will need to log in to your Online Services account and select the 'Registrant Transfer’ service. Please note that this service will cost £10 plus VAT, which can be paid by either the current or new registrant.

Transfer multiple domain names

If all of the domain names you wish to transfer are available when logging into our online service and they are being transferred to the same new registrant, the cost of a mass registrant transfer is £10 plus VAT.

Chargeable and non-chargeable transfers

The majority of transfers incur a charge, as noted above. However there are also a variety of changes that can be made to the legal registrant's details that do not incur a charge. This list is not exhaustive but may include for example: minor alterations such as correcting spelling mistakes; changes to a company name where the company number remains the same; changes to an individual’s name, perhaps through marriage or deed poll; changes from sole trader to individual; changes to named people in clubs or societies such as a new president; adding or removing a partner to a trading name.

Registrar change also needed

During the registrant transfer process the new registrant can choose to move their domain name to another registrar. Further details are available on our Change Registrar page. The registrant transfer will not be completed until the new registrar accepts the request.

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