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Our registration fees cover the time period for which a domain name is registered. This can be for between one and ten years. After the initial registration period has passed a renewal fee is payable for each subsequent period. Again the period for which a domain name can be renewed is between one and ten years.

Registering via a Nominet member

Many registrars are members of Nominet and benefit from the members’ discount on registration fees. Registrars usually combine the domain name registration fee with charges for other services that they provide to end users. Prices therefore vary widely in the commercial marketplace and you should shop around in order to find a package that suits your needs.

Registering via a non-member

We charge non-members £80 plus VAT per domain name registration for two years.


As the service is supplied in the UK and not the country of the registration agent or registrant VAT is required.

You may be able to reclaim VAT in your own country.

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