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Registry Services for brands

The domain name industry is already undergoing a massive expansion, with over 1,000 new generic, geographic, community and brand top level domains becoming available. Many have already launched, but the best is still to come.

Big brands, including Google and Amazon, have all signed up with ICANN to run their own top level domain, which means for the first time brands can own their piece of the internet with a dedicated brand domain name.

Build your own space online with us

Whether you’re new to the world of gTLDs (generic top level domains) or you’re a DNS (domain name system) expert, we can help you create a dedicated space online for your brand using our world class technical infrastructure.

Over the last 20 years we have built one of the most robust and secure registries ( in the world managing over 10.5 million domain names. Today we are working with brands wishing to build their own unique space online. Some of our clients include the BBC, Bentley and Comcast.

Your .brand registry

Running your own new gTLD .brand registry for your company or brand gives you more control on the internet:

  • Short, memorable and meaningful - you can make domain names shorter and more memorable for your customers. Instead of, it could be just reports.brandname.
  • Full control - as the operator of your own .brand registry, you can control who can register domain names. It’s your space, your registration policy, you own it.
  • Security, trust and reputation - you can protect your trademark and your company’s reputation in your own .brand registry. In this new protected space your customers can visit your website(s) safe in the knowledge that they are visiting the genuine website (not a counterfeit site). This means you can build in more assurance for your customers and more peace of mind for your organisation that your customers are getting to the right place.
  • Marketing opportunities - using a .brand registry is a great way to build new ways to reach your customers. For example:
    • Create domains for sub brands / categories / markets e.g. news.brand, offers.brand, gossip.brand
    • Partnerships – you could partner with other brands to produce co-marketing activity using a .brand gTLD. For example, theirbrand.yourbrand
    • Personalisation – you could offer some of your customers their own domain name, putting them at the centre of the brand experience e.g. firstname.surname.brandname. Unique content and updates could be channelled directly to them, based on their preferences – essentially their own space under your top level domain.

A registry service you can rely on:

  • We’re 1 of 3 carefully selected, ICANN appointed, Emergency Back-End Registry Operators (EBERO) in the world. Should a new gTLD registry fail anywhere in the world, then we have the capacity and infrastructure to take over and keep that registry running.
  • We provide an enhanced security product called DNSSEC (DNS Security) as standard on all our registries to ensure there is a trusted connection on your .brand registry.
  • And we’re certified to the highest standards for Information Security (ISO27001), Business Continuity Management (ISO22301) and IT Service Management (ISO20000).

We’d love to hear from you

Whether you have already applied for a new gTLD or you are interested in finding out how to get one, please contact us.

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