£3m donation to Nominet Trust

15th October 2014

Nominet, the internet company best known for running the .UK web domain infrastructure, has confirmed a £3 million charitable donation to Nominet Trust.

Nominet established Nominet Trust in 2008 with the proceeds from its successful registry business. This year’s amount brings the total Nominet has donated to the Trust to £35 million.

The Nominet Trust supports the imaginative use of technology to address complex social challenges. It has become the UK’s leading social tech funder. Recent projects include the BAFTA Young Game Designers, Virtually Free, Apps for Good, the iDEA (inspiring Digital Enterprise Award) programme, the West Midlands Interactive Healthcare Fund, the 99% campaign and My Stroke Guide.

Baroness Rennie Fritchie, Nominet’s Chair, comments: “The Nominet Trust continues to make a real difference to people’s lives, and its contribution will only grow as our society becomes increasingly tech-focused. Through the great work of our members and registrars in helping us to deliver a popular, successful .UK namespace, we are delighted to be able to continue our strong support of Nominet Trust. Together, the UK domain name industry is making an impressive contribution to the development of the internet as a force for good.”

Charles Leadbeater, Nominet Trust’s Chair, adds: “Since Nominet Trust was established, we have backed more than 700 ventures across the UK that are making imaginative use of internet technology to support disadvantaged and vulnerable people. It is thanks to these generous donations from Nominet that we have been able to help hundreds of thousands of people across the UK. We are hugely grateful to Nominet for its far-sighted and sustained support and we remain committed to accelerating significant social change through the use of digital technology.”

For more information about Nominet Trust, please visit www.nominettrust.org.uk.