Join Nominet, and you’ll join an organisation that balances commerce with social conscience, that always does the right thing, and that focuses on making the web a better – and safer – place to be.

CEO Directorate

Our CEO’s team is responsible for the governance of the organisation and communication and PR.

  • We ensure good governance in all our practices, including the board and all its sub committees.

  • The Communication Department is responsible for our corporate communications and PR, it also explains our public purpose role and guides communication of our position in policy and governance debates. The team also ensure our people get to hear about things appropriately internally.

Technology Directorate

The Technology directorate is responsible for all of our computer and network hardware and software and ensures all our systems run smoothly. It ensures we operate robust systems and delivers the high levels of secure service that our customers trust and rely on.

The Department develops key security protocols and represents Nominet on internet technology committees within other international organisations such as ICANN and at global conferences. The Department is highly skilled and drives research and development within the company focusing on new product development. The department also drives sales of new products as they become ready to take to market.

The teams include:
  • The software development team designs and develops software that enables Nominet to operate the .UK and its other registries from web interfaces through to the implementation of internet protocols. Some of the programming languages and technologies include Java, Spring, Hibernate, PHP, Drupal, C++and SQL. The team also has a business intelligence development capability which enables the company to report on and analyse its data.

  • Our customers and staff use services which are run securely and remotely from our data centres. Together, the servers, network and databases comprise the infrastructure that we monitor, maintain and manage. Any significant problem with this infrastructure would cause us to be notified, whatever the time, 24x7x365.  We operate across multiple sites to ensure continuous backup and to provide diversity in the event of a disaster.

    Our internal infrastructure is also key and our Internal Support Team are responsible for maintaining the phones, hardware, desktop and productivity software that helps you perform your role day to day.

  • Technical security is key to Nominet. We ensure that not only our external interfaces are as secure as possible but also everything we do internally. We work nationally and internationally to influence the security agenda.

  • Our Business Development team helps us grow and ensures we remain at the top of our game in what is a fast-moving and dynamic industry. The team also helps us provide high quality support for customers in new areas of our business. The team is currently focused on enterprise sales of our DNS traffic analyser tool ‘Turing’.

  • Our Research and Development team creates the pipeline of future products and services for Nominet. Rapidly trying out new ideas and building minimal viable products to test opportunities and turn them into commercial products.

  • To keep our business running we constantly have key projects that must be delivered as effectively as possible and our Project Management Office (PMO) make sure this happens. The PMO project manages and ensure effective programme management of all our business projects.

Operations Directorate

The Operations directorate pulls together both the key customer service teams, the marketing and channel team and the cross company support teams that enable Nominet’s success.

The Operations directorate has a keen commitment to service, delivery against targets, adding value and identifying and managing risk and continuous improvement. The Operations directorate ensures that Nominet delivers against its core business objectives whilst supporting new products and services as they emerge.

  • The customer services team provides a range of support, both first point contact and escalation services, to anyone with an interest in the .UK domain name space.  They also ensure our customer service is delivered to exceptionally high standard, tracking internal quality assessment scores and external customer satisfaction measures.

    For registrants (holders of .UK domain names) it includes support on all registration aspects of .UK domain names such as transfers, renewals, cancellations and the updating of contact information.

    For registrars (who act as registration agents for registrants) it includes support on all of our registration tools and systems as well as supporting any account management queries.

    The team is also responsible for internal audit, business continuity and the compliance and risk management functions.

    With the team we also have Nominet’s award winning Dispute Resolution Service which is an easy access and low cost alternative to using the courts for domain name disputes.

  • Our marketing team is responsible for driving awareness in our products and services and running innovative and engaging integrated campaigns to drive registrations, renewals or service adoption. This involves using a complete range of both on and offline communication channels, outstanding creative collateral and events to inform and update members, sales channel, customers, and other key stakeholders. The team is responsible for acquiring new strategic partnerships with organisations who have similar aims to reach new audiences to get them online.

  • Our legal team advise the company in relation to contracts with customers and suppliers, insurance issues and data protection.  In addition they support our commercial diversification activities, new partnerships and ensure we continue to have appropriate governance, complying with all appropriate areas of legislation.

  • Our Policy department interacts with national and international external stakeholders regarding the operation and policy framework of the .UK domain, and related areas in line with our public purpose agenda to find ways to make the internet a better and more secure place.

  • The Finance Department is responsible for Financial Management, Planning and Control, Business Analysis and the evaluation of Business Development Opportunities. The team performs treasury functions, liaises with external Investment Managers, protects Nominet’s core assets and oversees the performance of our Investment portfolio. The Department works with external auditors, bankers and tax compliance professionals as well as providing financial management, reporting and financial process support to the Nominet Trust.

  • To deliver the strategic objectives of the business we need highly engaged employees able to deliver their best work. To enable this we consider everything from finding that brilliant talent, to having a building that enables us to work effectively, through to ensuring our people think proactively about their health and wellbeing. We ensure that our managers are able to bring out the best in their teams and help every individual to reach their potential whilst deliver peak performance for Nominet.

  • Our registry services team account manage our largest channel partners, who represent over 80% of our business. Responsibility for ensuring our channel is equipped with the right information, expertise and collateral to best promote our products and services is a key component in this area of the business. The team is also responsible for identifying potential new business opportunities in the domain sector, and for managing the back end services that we provide to other Top Level Domain operators.


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