Memorandum and Articles

We’ve entered a period of consultation on our Articles. Please see here for more information.

Our Memorandum and Articles of Association are legal documents lodged with Companies House, describing how our company is run and setting out members’ rights and directors’ powers.

Financial principles

Our primary financial principles have been developed to ensure sufficient reserves are available to safeguard stable and secure registry operations and to fund appropriate levels of investment in the business.

These include:

  • Delivering on our contractual commitments to our customers
  • Investing to provide the best possible services to stakeholders
  • Making capital and revenue investment in current and future products, infrastructure and employee development
  • Investing in diversification opportunities that are aligned with our Vision and Mission
  • Protecting capital funds, maintaining liquidity and generating reasonable capital growth through the Investment portfolio
  • Investing in education, research and development initiatives in the internet industry.