We offer cyber security services to help protect your business.

These services range from access to our analytics software to integrate into your existing security stack, through to full management of your DNS, a service we run for the UK Government. Our active defence platform analyses huge volumes of data in real-time, identifying abnormalities and flagging  top issues to be addressed.

By employing our services,  you will be armed with the information you need to put risk mitigation strategies in place. We also ingest third party intelligence feeds to identify known threats and automatically block them from your network. Additionally, you will get access to an intuitive web dashboard to help you monitor your traffic easily. The combination presents a robust solution for cyber protection.

Implementing Nominet’s active defence platform is easy. Environments can be spun up in minutes, making it one of the fastest solutions to deploy. With no endpoint deployment or maintenance required, there are no time consuming updates for your security team.

“This is the fastest security tool to deploy we have ever used” 


Our services are flexible and will be designed specifically to meet your needs and enhance your existing cyber security solution. Get in touch now to discuss how we can support your business: