Nominet cyber security services use sophisticated analytics software to identify threats on your network.

Our software can analyse huge volumes of DNS data and provide essential insights into activity on any network where the software is deployed, reviewing both inbound and outbound traffic.

The bespoke architecture, with a purpose-built storage and retrieval system, allows organizations to easily visualize and manipulate their data in real-time. It quickly flags the IP addresses and domain names involved to the Nominet expert, enabling them to work with your team on solutions. The tool is accessible via any browser on any device, and the intuitive interface surfaces the signature of events as they happen, helping you understand abnormal behaviour within your traffic. The rich API enables you to integrate the feed into your existing SIEM solutions and management reporting systems.

You can deploy this software directly on your network in minutes, with no cumbersome endpoint rollout. As well as providing invaluable threat intelligence, you will also see patterns in traffic behaviour, enabling you to run your business systems in the most cost-efficient way.

  • We make detection and mitigation of spam traffic easy. Repeat offenders can be identified and, where appropriate, blocked.

  • We can identify DDoS attacks, their victims and sources in real-time to facilitate informed action to protect your customers and neutralize the source of the attack.

  • We quickly highlight malware DGAs and inform you of the traffic’s origin. This information can be used to scrub traffic from your network and work with the owners of the infected machines to remove damaging viruses.

  • DNS traffic is often allowed to leave a company’s firewall unfiltered, making it vulnerable to data exfiltration: criminals use it to remove confidential information from a well-secured network. We can quickly identify the source of the traffic, enabling you to shut it down.

  • Not only can our software recognise cyber threats, it can identify any misconfigurations on your network. A well-balanced network is key for service up–time, reliability and customer satisfaction.

Technical Datasheet

Find out more about our specifications, download our technical datasheet.