Threat Landscape

The cybersecurity landscape is evolving.

Sophisticated online criminals prey on large organisations, who often lack the right defences for a modern-day onslaught. Unsurprisingly, cyber security has become one of the major challenges facing CEOs today: 91% of CEOs say breaches of data privacy and ethics will have a negative impact on stakeholder trust in the next five years. [Source: 20th CEO Survey, PwC, 2017]

Security threats no longer happen to someone else. The amount of data being sent and received leaves us all vulnerable and the potential for damage is alarming. With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in May 2018, businesses need to have a robust security solution to comply and stay safe, or face significant fines.

Keeping your business secure starts with the early detection of threats and vulnerabilities. You need to understand significant events on your network and have the agility to act.

Nominet is a world leader in cyber security. Our services are employed by the Government, among others, to protect their secure networks. Use our experience and expertise to understand what’s happening on your network and stand a better chance of mitigating attacks.

We offer a range of cyber security services for large enterprises to protect mission critical infrastructure from vulnerabilities including malware, spam, DDoS or data exfiltration via DNS tunnelling.


Our services can help you understand what’s happening on your network. Our support packages range from one-off incident reporting following an attack, with board-ready collateral to help you determine what happened, through to live monitoring in which our team of experts proactively monitor your network, alert you to issues and support you in solving them. We come armed with a deep-dive analytics tool to analyse huge volumes of data and swiftly identify cyber events on your network. Find out more here.


Nominet runs a DNS resolver service to protect Government and all Public Service Network (PSN) connected organisations from malware, phishing, botnets and other cyber security threats.

The service uses established commercial intelligence feeds to identify websites connected with malware and prevent them being reached by Government computers. It also uses Nominet’s network analytics tool to detect patterns and anomalies in DNS traffic as part of its threat analysis.

“Nominet, the UK Registry, has a 20-odd year history of running national scale DNS with cracking uptime, so we asked them to do it for us.”

Ian Levy, National Cyber Security Centre