Security Services

Domain Abuse Mitigation Service

The domain abuse mitigation service helps registry operators comply with Specification 11.3.b. of the ICANN Registry Operator Agreement.

Using the service you can receive proactive alerts from your data; collected and analysed from the many propriety and 3rd party security feeds constantly monitoring your zone file. The service will detect, alert and report on domains containing the following types of abuse:

  • SPAM
  • C&C
  • DGA
  • Phishing
  • Malware
  • Botnets
  • Vulnerable Service

Once the infected domains within your zone file have been identified, it will alert you via email of the presence of these threats.

After you’ve been alerted to the malicious content you can use the secured web interface to view and manage them in one place. Within the portal you can see all domains from your TLD with current security threats against them including the date and time they were reported, the abuse type and the sponsoring registrar. The web interface allows you to order and filter the results by any of these attributes.

You can then proactively alert the sponsoring registrar of the domains they manage from directly within the portal, keeping everything in one easy interface.

Current and historical statistical reports can be generated and downloaded helping you to easily comply with ICANNs auditing process.

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Domain Lock

High-traffic .uk domains can be targets for cyber attacks such as DNS hijacking.

This is when an attacker gains unauthorised access to the DNS system and changes the registration for malicious purposes. For example, they could re-direct traffic to a different website which might display objectionable or offensive material, or be used for phishing.

You can add an extra level of security against DNS hijacking with our Domain Lock tool. It’s mainly targeted towards high-traffic websites with substantial brand protection or security interests, but can be used by any .UK domain.


If you’d like to learn more about how Domain Lock could support your .UK website, please get in touch with your registrar. You can find more information about our Domain Lock tool on our Registrar Resources site.

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