Tuesday 1st March 2022, 14:00 – 17:30 (GMT)

Thank you to all our experts who were able to attend the 2022 DRS Experts Conference.

2022 Event feedback

We would really appreciate if you could take a moment to provide feedback on our 2022 DRS Experts Conference.

Expenses form

If you have any expenses you need to claim for this year’s event you can download the DRS Expert Expenses Claim Form. Once completed, please email to [email protected].

Session recordings

Welcome & Updates

2021 in review: overview of statistics and appeals

Expert declaration of independence

Discussion of cases of interest/ topics submitted by experts

Exercise: 23761 – uniswap.co.uk

Any other items of interest:

  • Do we still think that the abusive use of Nominet’s DRS and the UDRP is a useful addition to the policy?
  • Is our expert overview out of date?
  • Case summaries
  • Cases missing on the database
  • Difficultly navigating the Nominet website

Conference slides


TopicExpert to present
Arrival & Registration
Welcome & UpdatesNick Wenban-Smith & Nick Gardner
2021 in review: overview of statistics and appeals
Overview of statistics Tim Dalby & Matthew Brown
24127 - readingtarmac.co.ukAnna Carboni
22793 - flora.co.ukNick Gardner
22925 - porscheshop.co.uk Claire Milne
23600 - 7eleven.ukDavid King
23374 - bequests.co.ukIan Lowe
The experts’ declarationAnna Carboni
Discussion of cases of interest/ topics submitted by experts 
23678 - hotelbandb.co.uk Nick Gardner
23849 - myaspire.co.ukSimon Sellars
23987 - leakdetectioncompany.co.ukGill Grassie
Exercise: 23761 - uniswap.co.uk Nick Gardner
Group discussion
Summing up & discussion of Uniswap
Discussion of any other items of interest Nick Wenban-Smith & Nick Gardner
Summary of the day  Nick Wenban-Smith & Nick Gardner