We are an applied R&D department, which means rather than theorise about the potential for technology we prefer to roll up our sleeves and get stuck in. We are also strong advocates of the open and interoperable technologies that have been key to the success of the Internet.

Like DNS, many of the new technologies we are building are designed to work universally with any application or industry. It’s therefore necessary for us to work extensively with partners to test our technologies across the widest possible range of use-cases.

The companies we partner with fall into one of two categories: development partners and scaling partners. Development partners are typically technology companies with whom we jointly develop products. Scaling partners are typically companies who use our products to build solutions for a particular business need.

Examples of our partners:

DRIVENDRIVEN – a three-year project exploring the infrastructure required to support the widespread use of autonomous vehicles – is a consortium led by Oxbotica and other partners including Nominet, Oxford Robotics Institute, XL Catlin, Telefonica O2 UK, TRL, the UK Atomic Energy Authority’s RACE, Oxfordshire County Council, TfL and Westbourne Communications. DRIVEN has received a £8.6m grant awarded by Innovate UK.

DRIVEN has received a £8.6m grant awarded by Innovate UK.

flood_networkTo improve the nation’s response to flooding and the accuracy of flood models the Flood Network is combining thousands of sensors streams to create the UK’s biggest flood monitoring network.

We worked with the Flood Network as a development partner to build the Oxford Flood Network, providing the backend software for processing and publishing data, along with an experimental TV whitespace link for connecting sensors to the Internet.

nwaveNwave is a leading provider of network solutions, hardware and software for the IoT and m2m communications, based around its ultra narrow-band communications protocol operating in license-exempt sub-1ghz ISM spectrum.

We worked with nwave as a development partner to build the smart parking system at Nominet’s HQ in Oxford, connecting its Weightless-N car parking sensors to our IoT Tools. We are also working with nwave to explore commercial opportunities for smart parking solutions based on our joint solution.

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