Meet our DRS experts: Claire Milne

7th February 2018

Claire has spent the majority of her career working in telecommunications policy, having graduated with degrees in mathematics and statistics. One of her first roles was with BT, but for the past 29 years she has worked as a freelance consultant worldwide. She has sat on a number of public bodies in the UK and is a visiting senior fellow and guest teacher in the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE. In 2015, Claire was awarded an MBE for her services to the telecommunications sector.

When and why did you join Nominet as a DRS expert?

I was part of the original intake in 2001 – I answered the advert in the Times. I had been on a regulatory board and when my term came to an end, I was looking for something interesting to fill the time that had become available.

And has it proved interesting?

Fascinating! When working at BT I moved from network engineering into the regulatory side of things and it had really opened my eyes to legality and regulations. It seemed that mathematics had given me an exact mode of thinking applicable to legal work. The DRS is something different for me. I’m not a qualified lawyer, so it’s a different ‘air’ for me – I get to mix with some really interesting people.

What has been the most unexpected thing about your time as a DRS expert?

The most surprising thing was finding out that I could make a useful contribution despite not being a lawyer. My survival suggests that Nominet enjoys having a different point of view – I feel valued. That has been surprising and very gratifying.

What has changed during the past 17 years with the DRS?

The good and obvious change is having everything online. I used to get huge packets of papers being delivered to me! I think procedures have improved. We have a better handle on what has gone before. Overall, continuity has been stronger than change. We have a good base and I’m glad we’ve held on to that.

Why do you enjoy working with Nominet in this way?

Management is very open and will take on board all considerations. I feel like this is one area in which having been around a long time actually adds value! It is not always a given. As an independent consultant, I have tried to take more work in Asia as they seem to have a greater appreciation of experience.

What other things are important to you?

We have a house in North London and have been hosting refugees at our home. My grandparents were from Eastern Europe and they got out at the right time or else I wouldn’t even be here! I have tremendous appreciation for existing in such privileged surroundings. I have interesting things to do, an education, a stable marriage and two grown up children. I have so much more than I need so I like to share.

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