Meet our new DRS Experts: Micah Ogilvie

28th October 2019

Micah OgilvieMicah Ogilvie is Head of Legal and Business Affairs at Safenames, representing the company as part of the Registrar Stakeholders Group at ICANN. As a domain management and brand protection expert, Micah advises on all manner of online brand protection. In dispute resolution, Micah has represented global brands and smaller e-commerce businesses (complainant and respondent) in over 150 disputes through various international arbitration bodies, including the World Intellectual Property Organisation, the Czech Arbitration Court, Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre, and the Belgian Centre for Arbitration and Mediation.  

When did you first hear about Nominet’s DRS?

I first heard about Nominet’s DRS in 2010. We were managing the domain portfolio of one of the largest multinational mass media and entertainment brands, and I was asked to assist them with the recovery of a .UK domain name. Although I had previously filed many cases under the UDRP, I was surprised to see how much the DRS differed from the UDRP, both in substance and procedurally.

Why did you want to become an Expert with us?

Since 2010 I have filed over 150 complaints across multiple dispute policies and have always favoured Nominet’s approach to abusive registration. I have also seen how these decisions have had a significant impact on the UK domain name system, and so when Nominet began inviting applications for DRS Experts, I jumped at the chance.

What do you enjoy about arbitration?

I love the idea of having one chance to present all evidence and arguments in a dispute, without the procedural complexity you tend to find in litigation. Of course, this also creates challenges as you can’t be entirely sure of the motive behind someone’s conduct until they present their arguments, when it could be too late to add any additional points to your complaint. Arbitration has helped me to be observant, and to anticipate possible scenarios and arguments.

What do you enjoy most about your day job?

Every day is different. I work with an amazing team of individuals and it is a joy to work through complex problems with people who are just as excited about the domain industry as I am. I am continually working to become a better leader, and I get the most joy in helping the individuals in my team reach their full potential.

 What were your earliest ambitions?

 My chief ambition was to become an author. From a young age I always found it easier to express myself through writing, but I also loved watching the courtroom theatrics shown on TV and so – from the age of 10 – I knew I wanted to work in law.

 What professional ambitions do you still have?

 I like challenging myself intellectually; when an opportunity presents itself to improve my skill set or learn something new, I take it.

Do you think the internet and technology have made our world better?

Yes and no. I am very cautious when it comes to the internet and technology. I think both have played a prominent and useful role in most aspects of our life, at the same time I think we have become too reliant on technology (something I am definitely guilty of). I guess with everything it comes down to balance and how you use it.

What technological innovations are you most looking forward to?

Being able to operate my computer anywhere through a gesture user interface, similar to Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

What do you do to switch off from your work?

I have recently begun learning to play the piano, something I have always wanted to do. My wife and I have two beautiful children (aged 4 and 6 months) so that also keeps me busy. I am also an avid Bible student and spend time outside of work teaching and studying the Bible with others. It has given me a different perspective on life and allows me to keep work in its place.

Micah joins Nominet’s DRS in autumn 2019. Find out more about the new experts.

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