More domain security now available for all .uk registrants

5th February 2015

Nominet has been investing significantly to help all .uk owners protect their domains. Following a successful launch to registrars last October, from today, registrants can opt to use two-factor authentication access to our Online Services. This is a two-step verification process which provides an extra layer of security to users accessing online systems.

Two-factor authentication improves security, as an intruder would have to gain access to the device where it is installed, as well as acquiring knowledge of the password/passphrase. This new service will reduce the risk of DNS hijacking or confidential information being compromised.

Two-factor authentication is free and optional and uses the Google Authenticator app and plug-in which are freely available on all major platforms. The current password and optional passphrase system will remain in place and can still be used as an appropriate security measure.

More information on how to set up two-factor authentication can be found here.