Nominet DNS resolver service to protect UK Government IT networks

1st November 2016

Nominet is to run a Domain Name System (DNS) resolver service to help protect government and all Public Service Network (PSN) connected organisations from malware, phishing, botnets and other threats.

With around 7m users across government and public sector networks, the Government Digital Service, in partnership with National Cyber Security Centre, is deploying the service to ensure that websites that host malware or similar security threats are not used as a way to compromise the PSN users and services.

Protection of the PSN will be enhanced by a DNS resolver service provided by Nominet.  This will be rolled out to PSN users, with other Government departments offered the service on an opt-in basis. The new service will include established commercial intelligence feeds to identify websites connected with malware and prevent those being reached by government computers. The service will also use Nominet’s network analytics tool turing to detect patterns and anomalies in DNS traffic as part of its threat analysis.

Russell Haworth, Nominet CEO, said: “Tackling threats in the DNS infrastructure is a key element of keeping a network safe and optimised.  It is part of how we run a safe and secure .UK, and we’re now using our expertise to help protect the networks that power vital government services.”

As the .UK registry since 1996, Nominet has over 20 years of experience managing DNS networks. Nominet has been pursuing wider opportunities that allow the company to develop and deploy its expertise to support a wider range of companies and organisations.

Nominet is a public benefit company, with a commitment to building a safe and secure Internet, encouraging digital engagement, and using technology to tackle social challenges.