Policy consultations on second level domain registrations and the .uk Registrar Agreement – a reminder

4th September 2013

Two current .uk policy consultations close in September – the review of the .uk Registrar Agreement, which closes on the 12th September, and the proposed opening up of .uk registrations at the second level, which closes on the 23rd September.

With both consultations drawing to a close, we wanted to share a reminder of the online feedback forms and the last stakeholder events available to Nominet members and internet stakeholders in the UK.

Review of the .uk Registrar Agreement

On 24th June 2013 we launched a second stage consultation on a revised .uk Registrar Agreement which is the contract that governs the commercial relationship between Nominet and over 3,700 Registrars who act as the sales channel for the .uk domain names.

Thus far, we have held two roundtable sessions and a webinar to discuss the revised agreement. A further webinar discussion is taking place on Friday 6th September.

Registration of second level domain names

On 1st July 2013 we launched a consultation on a revised proposal for .uk domain name registrations at the second level (example.uk), which forms part of a broader programme of work designed to evolve the .uk namespace and keep it relevant in the face of a rapidly changing internet landscape.

Thus far, we have held three productive roundtable sessions to enable stakeholders to discuss the proposal and provide their views in person. The final roundtable session is taking place in Glasgow on Wednesday 11th September 2013. There will also be a webinar on the 13th September.

Where consent has been given, individual feedback will be published alongside a summary of the consultation findings in November.

We thank everyone who has contributed to both consultations so far for their valuable feedback, and encourage any stakeholders yet to have their say to respond before they close – 12th September for the Registrar Agreement and 23rd September for registrations at the second level.

Regular updates on both consultations will continue to appear on Twitter and we’ll continue to send email updates to those who have registered to receive them.