Reflections on Silicon Milkroundabout

27th November 2014


Back on the 16th of November the Nominet R&D team set up shop at Shoreditch’s Silicon Milkroundabout (SMR) to track down some new research talent.

“But that’s a startup job fair!” I hear you cry.  Well dear reader, the remit has broadened since SMR arrived on the scene.  The culture of small companies can be found alive and well plenty of larger ones.

SMR’s enduring appeal comes from how well it serves both companies and candidates. As a candidate you’re not picking up a brochure and talking to the HR team of a huge corporation.  You’re talking about roles with the CTO. Or with the person whose code you might end up reviewing in a couple of months. It’s personal and it’s tangible. That’s an experience you can’t get in many places. It’s the perfect way to find a role that’s a good fit – working in a small tech team is often more about your connection with the people and the ideas than how much code you can bash out in a work day. SMR facilitates those kinds of discussions.

We had a great day and met loads of brilliant people, thanks to everyone who swung by to talk about the cool stuff we’re building!

If you missed us then you can check out the software engineer role we’re hiring for HERE.