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Why use Nominet for your ccTLD? Switching to our backend services will give you a flexible, bespoke solution, tailored to your needs. Whether they’re maximising coverage in your region or growing your TLD with an international sales channel, we have the experience you need to support your business objectives.

Some of the largest TLDs in the world already trust us to support their strategic goals, with good reason. We’re a top-10 global registry service provider with a robust, proven infrastructure. We’ve been successful for 25 years, so we know registry services inside and out. We connect over 10 million .UK domain names and other TLDs including .pharmacy, .bentley and .wales.

Tailored approach to deliver results:

  • 25 years’ experience developing registry services
  • Extensive experience transitioning live TLDs
  • Registrar partnerships worldwide
  • Manage TLDs including .pharmacy, .bentley and .wales
  • Over 13.5m domains running
  • 100% availability of domain resolution services

As competition increases from the ever-growing generic market, it’s time to ask yourself, are you running the best possible services for your country code top-level domain?

Think about:

  • Cost - are you paying for more than you need when you could benefit from outsourced infrastructure?
  • Security - are your registrants at risk when you could utilise leading-edge security solutions?
  • Performance - is your registry growth limited, when you could be expanding your domains under management?

Outsourcing to Nominet makes sense. With us, you get a registry service provider that understands the hurdles you face and delivers flexible and scalable services.

What is the process

We know that every ccTLD is different and that it is a country’s online home. We will use our knowledge of running a successful ccTLD with its own intricacies to help you determine the best path to transition. We will explore all possible ripple effects and mitigate wherever we can.


Cost reduction, proven systems, peace of mind, efficiency improvements.

Registered domains will experience no down time. We will work with you on a detailed transition plan tailored to your needs. Any registry system downtime will be agreed and communicated to your channel in advance.

We run the UK Domain and successfully launched .uk. We have over 20 years’ experience running one of the world’s largest domain name registries.

In the largest industry transition, 26 TLDs were moved to our systems in a phased, meticulous fashion

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