2014 Consultations

Our .UK policy process encourages participation from a broad range of interested stakeholders.

Our commitment to working in the public interest means we engage stakeholders when we formulate .UK policy. We welcome stakeholder feedback as a useful means to inform our understanding of policy issues and how they might affect different communities as well as helping us to understand the varied priorities of our stakeholders.

Review of the .uk Registrar Agreement

The Registrar Agreement is the contract that governs the commercial relationship between Nominet and over 3,700 registrars who act as the sales channel for the .uk domain names.

Following a review launched in 2012, a new .uk Registrar Agreement has now been approved.

The overall objectives of the Agreement are:

  • To ensure and reward higher standards to reinforce the reputation of .uk as trusted, relevant and competitive.
  • To demonstrate how the .uk domain name industry is responsibly self-regulating and working in the interests of registrants.
  • To give us greater scope to address systems abuse or prevent activities that may endanger our systems.
  • To ensure the size of a registrar’s business should not be a barrier to achieving higher standards.

If you are an existing registrar please find more information on what you’ll need to do on our registrar resources site.

Data Quality Policy

Improving and maintaining the quality of the data we have for registrants and that we publish in our WHOIS database is a key objective for Nominet. We believe it is an important part of ensuring that the .uk namespace is a trusted and safe space. We continue to take steps to achieve this and recognise that our registrars also have a key role to play.

Following consultation with our stakeholders the Nominet Board approved a new Data Quality Policy which sets out our commitment to high standards of data quality and how we expect registrars to help us improve our data quality.

Formal notification of the new policy was issued on 7th April 2014 and it came into force on 7th May 2014.

July 2014 update: We published an amendment to the DQ policy, with effect from the 22nd September 2014, to remove the automatic cancellation of suspended domains for data quality. Please see our news story for further information.

Review of domain registration policy & the terms and conditions governing registration

In September 2013 we aided an independently chaired review of our registration policy for .uk domain names. The scope of the review focused on whether there should be restrictions on the words and expressions permitted in .uk domain name registrations. An outcome of the review was a recommendation that Nominet also make it clear that use of a .uk domain name for criminal purposes is not permitted and will be suspended or de-registered.

The Nominet Board agreed to make all the changes to its registration policy recommended in Lord Macdonald’s review, which are provided in full in his report and appendices published below.

We received 170 written submissions which are published here. Lord Macdonald also interviewed twenty organisations or individuals as part of his evidence gathering. We would like to thank stakeholders for their contributions.

The changes to the registration policy came into effect on 4 May 2014. The revised terms and conditions expressly prohibit any .uk domains being used to carry out criminal activity. It means that Nominet can quickly suspend a domain name when alerted to its use for criminal activity by the police or other law enforcement agencies, such as National Crime Agency, Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) or the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

At the same time, we have also implemented restrictions that prohibit the registration of domains that promote or incite serious sexual offences.

More information on the implementation of this policy can be found in the news story.

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In recent years we have convened a number of UK Internet Policy Forum events designed to bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and delegates from our stakeholder community to present perspectives and hear views on broad policy themes.

You can read a summary of the 2014 Policy Forum.

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