2015 Consultations

Our .UK policy process encourages participation from a broad range of interested stakeholders.

As part of our commitment to working for public benefit we engage stakeholders when we formulate .UK policy. We welcome stakeholder feedback as a useful means to inform our understanding of policy issues and how they might affect different communities as well as helping us to understand the varied priorities of our stakeholders.


Our Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration (Registrant T&Cs) apply to all .UK domain names provided by Nominet. In 2015 we conducted a detailed review of the Registrant T&Cs and proposed a number of changes including:

  • Removal of a lengthy and unnecessary preamble
  • Removal of reference to the setting of fees on a cost-recovery basis
  • Confirmation that our existing ability to suspend domain names that are used to damage the DNS has been extended to also include damage to other internet users
  • Removal of a provision, which is now out of line with industry practices and has never been used as far as we are aware, for registrants to claim a refund in response to a change in the Registrant T&Cs
  • Removal of the obligation that we will always publicly consult on changes to the Registrant T&Cs, however trivial they may be (note that our commitment to public consultation on .UK policy matters remains)
  • Removal of references to the collection of registrant fax numbers which we now do not require
  • Use throughout of clearer language and more consistent terminology

Stakeholders were invited to provide feedback  and we would like to thank all stakeholders who participated in the consultation process. We published the written responses we received (where we had permission to do so from the respondent) and our response. Formal notice of these changes was given on the 28 January 2016 and the revised Terms and Conditions came into force on the 1 March 2016.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].


The .UK Registrar Agreement (RA) is the contract that governs Nominet’s relationship with the companies that provide .UK domain name registration services to the public.

We review this contract at regular intervals and on the 29 September 2015 we launched a 30 day comment period asking for stakeholders’ feedback on proposed amendments to the .UK RA. We received a small number of responses and have published the one response where we were granted permission. We would like to thank all the stakeholders who gave us their feedback.

Following consideration of the comments, a summary of the feedback and our decision on how to proceed was published. We provided formal notice of the changes on the 28 January 2016 and the revised Registrar Agreement came into force on the 1 March 2016.

If you have any questions please email [email protected].


In March 2015 Nominet consulted on a proposed policy to clarify what data about registrants is published in the .UK WHOIS and, regardless of what’s published, ensure we have the accurate data essential for running .UK. We would like to thank all stakeholders who participated in the consultation process and submitted feedback. The consultation documents, details of the stakeholder events and the supporting material can be found here.

Further information regarding our decision on how to proceed is available. On 28 January 2016 we provided formal notice of changes to the relevant policies and terms of use including:

These policies came into force on the 1 March 2016 along with the launch of the Privacy Service framework. The framework enables Nominet to formally recognise privacy services operating within .UK by allowing all registrars to flag privacy on any registrant domain name and to indicate a privacy service for these domains. Further information for registrars on how the Privacy Service Framework operates can be found on Registrar Resources.


In recent years we have convened a number of UK Internet Policy Forum events designed to bring together thought leaders, industry experts, and delegates from our stakeholder community to present perspectives and hear views on broad policy themes.

You can read a summary of the 2015 Policy Forum including links to presentation slides and video exerts from the day.

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