Consultation: Contact data disclosure in the .UK WHOIS

Nominet carried out a consultation on changes to its policy on publication of contact data in the .UK WHOIS from the 12th March 2015 to 3rd June 2015.

The review sought to clarify what data about domain-holders is published in the .UK WHOIS and, regardless of what’s published, ensure we have the accurate data essential for running .UK. A summary of the changes to the policy is now available.

This video explains more about why we undertook the review

The full consultation document can be accessed here [PDF].

We also provided a condensed version of the proposals, without background research or analysis of other policy options, in a short version of the consultation document [PDF].

For registrars, a document summarising relevant information, with particular regard to practical implementation of the proposals, was also made available.

The consultation document also referred to a range of supporting material which are published below under “Appendices to the consultation documents”.

The consultation process involved a comprehensive stakeholder engagement programme to publicise the consultation, a stakeholder roundtable, bilateral meetings, industry briefings, and webinars.

Appendices to the consultation documents

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