Securing the pharmaceuticals industry

Pharmaceuticals are holding some the most valuable data in the world- intellectual property, process and production information as well as commercial records and contact details. The advantages offered by Big Data, the Internet of Things and the digital transformation they enable, can only be realised if the bad guys are kept out.

The pharmaceutical sector, as well as being subject to the constant background noise of indiscriminate malware that’s become standard, is attractive to targeted campaigns too. Attacks by criminals for monetary gain are only one aspect of this threat – pharmaceuticals are just as attractive to politically motivated ‘hacktivists’ and nation-state backed hackers, seeking either to shift the balance of control in the industry or destablise economies.

The good news is that new technology is being developed to protect organisations too. Deep analysis of DNS packets – the heart of any network – reveals tell-tale signs of known and unknown threats.

To find out the scale of the issues facing the pharmaceuticals sector and how this technology can protect your organisation, download this white paper today.

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