SME Advice: Manage your web presence to stay secure

31st October 2019

Eleanor Bradley

Eleanor Bradley
MD Registry Solutions and Public Benefit

Could your small business afford to lose £1,300 today? That’s the average cost of a cyber attack, according to research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) into the almost 10,000 incidents happening to small enterprises every single day. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to the risk associated with operating online, so it’s important to not be complacent when it comes to cyber security.

This will likely be frustrating for the small business owner of today. Perhaps you are a plumber or run a café and have been told that you need to be online to maintain competitiveness in a crowded market, yet ‘getting digital’ has made you vulnerable to cyber threats that could destroy your business. Fortunately, by following a few relatively simple steps, you can help ensure that being online brings you benefits rather than strife by securing your web presence and practising good ‘cyber hygiene’.

The first step is to remember that cyber criminals are experts at finding the sensitive information and data that you don’t want them to have and can exploit it easily. So, what’s the solution?

With input from my colleagues on the BITC’s Business Emergency Resilience Group, we’ve created an infographic to give you some quickfire advice on how to manage your business’ web presence and help keep yourself safe online.

cyber resilience infographic

For more advice for small businesses on staying cyber resilient, visit or keep an eye on Nominet’s blog.  

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