South West Grid for Learning’s ProjectEVOLVE

Nominet Children’s Online Safety programme aims to equip young people with the skills to help them navigate the challenges posed by being online. The focus is on improving the safety of young internet users through programmes in schools, supporting partner organisations to further develop their activities in this area.

Our research into the sector has shown that many systems designed to help children are focused on adults conveying one-time lessons or messages that focus on restriction or withdrawal from the online world, rather than equipping children with the skills and capabilities to navigate their own safe online experience.

South West Grid for Learning’s ProjectEVOLVE is an engaging and easy-to use digital tool, created by specialists and alongside children to provide young people aged 3 to 18 with progressive digital skills, knowledge and an understanding of things like self-image and identity or online relationships.

Our funding helps to support the development of course materials and assessments, as well as to broaden the impact of the initiative and grow its audience. Covering every aspect of online life from ages 3 – 18 through eight strands, it matches detailed age appropriate outcomes and discussion with fully resourced activities.

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