Internet safety

We aim to support organisations and create initiatives that reach and influence at least 150,000 young people – ensuring the advice and support about a positive and safe relationship online is both accessible and meaningful.

Whilst most young people believe the internet creates positive opportunities for them, there are critical issues that require continuous focus.  From e-safety to etiquette, through to cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content – young people and their carers need to access support, guidance and advice in ways that really work.

We aim to reach and influence at least 150,000 young people.


Scouts Digital Citizen Badge

Scouts Digital Citizen badge

We are helping the Scouts develop a new curriculum for its Digital Citizen badge to better equip young people with the tools they need to thrive both offline and online.

To help us develop the new curriculum we commissioned research into what it means to be a Digital Citizen in 2019, identifying the key areas associated with Digital Citizenship where Scouting could help young people. Read the research here.

Teenager using smartphone

Keeping children safe online

Today, a young person’s life is a complex combination of the on and offline world. Has our understanding of, and approach to safety, education and resilience-building evolved in the same way?

Our ‘Keeping children safe online’ research looks in detail at the online education surrounding young people at a critical point in the wider debate concerning online harms and has been undertaken to inform how we support this vital area moving forward.