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Our wide ranging work, from protecting the .UK namespace to exploring applications of dynamic spectrum management, has equipped us with skills and experience that we can now use in a number of initiatives to bring benefits to new areas. This includes helping monitor water supplies in Africa and connecting rural communities via TV White Space.

Spectrum Management Projects

Walkers in countryside
Bringing wireless connectivity to rural Britain

Connectivity in rural areas of Britain remains an issue. The cost of infrastructure is not viable for the amount of usage, leaving people and premises across the UK without access to broadband, or with very limited bandwidth.
Those dwelling on Arran in Scotland are part of the 5% of the UK population that can't access superfast broadband. The sparse housing locations and tough environmental and geographic conditions make traditional connectivity very challenging. A lack of workable broadband has hampered economic growth and innovation, and reduced appeal to a younger generation.

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Africa landscape
Working with Microsoft to connect Africa

Our dynamic spectrum management solution is being used by Microsoft to deliver broadband to the African continent. The partnership uses the TVWS database along with Microsoft’s Azure to enable the deployment of low-cost terrestrial wireless broadband internet to communities across the continent. This enables two-way communications at high data-rates over long distances and delivers connectivity to large open areas where it has been traditionally difficult to deploy fixed infrastructure.

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Internet of Things

The potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) lies far beyond connecting your fridge or toaster to the internet. This technology can help tackle social, educational, environmental and economic problems. For 20 years we’ve been guardians of the UK internet.  Now we’re finding new ways to build an internet that benefits more people in more ways.

Smart Healthcare lamp

The IoT has the potential to offer greater independence to people living with cognitive or sensory impairment. For example, it can help people with dementia complete their daily routine in the right order, such as showering before they get dressed. Our project centred on devices – Pips – that could be placed around the home to guide users through the sequence of tasks. “Nominet’s technical expertise and willingness to share the Pips code publicly will hopefully encourage others to develop more solutions.” Tom Pey, CEO, Royal London Society for Blind.

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Elephants crossing road
Wildlife Conservation

Instant Detect is a multi-sensor alarm system for protected areas and was developed by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) to help save critically endangered species from illegal poaching. Covert, low-power sensors detect illegal poaching of wildlife and send instant alerts to rangers anywhere in the world around the clock. Nominet’s focus for this project was on how our technology can analyse large amounts of data to assist in detecting poachers by providing gamekeepers with automated alerts and visual information in real time.

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Project Maji

Universal access to safe drinking water is a fundamental need and human right. Our Emerging Technology team supports Project Maji to help bring clean water to rural populations across sub-Saharan Africa. Project Maji provides kiosks that can be installed wherever underground water is available to be pumped. This provides clean, sustainable water at the turn of a tap for thousands of people. The project uses our IoT tools and expertise to build and collect data to help manage the performance and ultimate reliability of the systems through analytics, machine learning and AI.

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