Why switch to Nominet?

With over 25 years’ experience providing a stable, reliable and secure infrastructure we’re proud to deliver world-class registry services to our partners. Alongside offering our service and expertise, we pride ourselves on delivering best-in-class customer experience and a tailored approach to meet the needs of each client’s business objectives. We take complete ownership of the transition process, collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth and seamless onboarding experience for our customers every time.

Steve Coaker, Head of Commercial at Nominet, spoke to Ray Fassett, Executive Vice President of Second Generation Ltd, about their experience working with Nominet and the opportunities Dragon has presented them.

“Nominet is an expert RSP with world-class infrastructure and modernised features which enable us to operate in a competitive environment”

Ray Fassett, Executive Vice President of Second Generation Ltd

Ray is the founder of the .Jobs TLD and currently serves as the Managing Director of .Med. Ray is an officer with Cleveland, Ohio-based Second Generation LTD, which in addition to .Jobs and .Med, is the parent company for the .Realtor, .Realestate and .Career TLDs under contract with ICANN.Find out what Ray had to say below.

What led you to seek a new Registry Service Provider (RSP)?

To keep pace with the industry, we needed to modernise our back-end infrastructure to better manage our 5 Top Level Domain businesses, each of which operate under different rules of registration.   

We wanted a back-end system that would reduce manual interactions and opt for a more self-serve, interactive system to make required changes, view data and run reports. We needed a system that enabled us to run our businesses better and more efficiently.  

Why did you choose Nominet?

Our number one priority is stability. As one of the largest TLD operators, Nominet immediately ticked this box for us, which allowed us to turn our attention to focussing on solutions to suit our business needs.   

The design of Dragon and the expertise put into the user interface to enable its customers to run their business was overwhelming. Whether it’s operations or accounting, the interfaces and features are so well thought-out and intuitive to use. It was clear to us that Nominet built a back-end system with complete understanding of its customer requirements, and this is what really impressed us upfront, and has also proven to be the case in practice.  

What aspect of Dragon have you found most beneficial to your business?

We view inventory management as a critical component to effectively operate a TLD business in a very competitive environment and Nominet’s Dragon system is built with this in mind. To be able to see in near real-time the status of our inventory, we can efficiently manage our business across our 5 different TLDs.  

Dragon gives us an on-demand inventory management system we did not have before allowing us to monitor new registrations, renewals, and deletions. We can run reports by date range and many other applicable filters to understand the status of our inventory at any given time.  

How was the overall transition from your previous provider and the support received throughout?

There are four main parties involved in an RSP transition – the current RSP, the new RSP, ICANN/IANA and the TLD operator. All four parties need to be engaged with what needs to be done and when, and, like any collaborative effort, someone needs to step up and lead it. Nominet managed this beautifully, like an experienced pro. 

The experience was smooth, organised and under control at all times. There is a lot of planning involved with an RSP transition, especially with an aligned estimated completion time and continuous moving parts across all parties. Our transition completed exactly on time. In hindsight, we had nothing to be nervous about with Nominet’s expert staff leading the collaborative effort.  

Do you have any final thoughts?

Nominet is an expert RSP with world-class infrastructure and modernised features which enable us to operate in a competitive environment.  

We have worked with Nominet for well over a year now, and the experience has been nothing less than exceptional.  

Like Second Generation Ltd, some of the largest TLDs in the world already trust us to support their strategic goals. As a top-10 global registry service provider with over 25 years of experience, we know registry services inside out. We manage over 10 million .UK domain names and other TLDs including .pharmacy, .bentley and .wales.  

If you are interested in switching to Nominet as your registry service provider, you can talk to one of our experienced team members about the benefits a flexible, bespoke solution could offer your business via the contact details below.  

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