Nominet’s Annual General Meeting 2024 will take place on Wednesday 16th October 2024.

2024 Non-Executive Director Election

The call for nominations for this year’s non-executive director election has now closed and those who have completed their applications will now progress to the screening process. We will announce the names and details of candidates to members on 22nd July 2024.

Key dates

  • 7th June 2024 (Noon, BST) – deadline for nominations
  • 10th June – 5th July 2024 – candidate background checks
  • 17th July 2024 – Nominations Committee meets to review candidate applications. Board meeting to confirm voting calculation date
  • 22nd July 2024 – names and details of candidates announced to members
  • 23rd September 2024 – voting opens
  • 14th October 2024 (Noon, BST) – voting closes
  • 16th October 2024 – results announced at AGM

Election Process

If you have any questions during the process or need help, please contact [email protected].

Candidate background checks

Candidates are required to participate in a security screening process carried out on our behalf by a third-party company. All directors of Nominet are required to do this, and it is consistent with Nominet’s role in operating critical national infrastructure.

The screening process will include: proof of identify; proof of address; qualification and employment checks and references; address history checks; credit checks; criminal record checks; directorship checks; company record searches; or other checks required by Nominet.

Candidates announced

The Nominations Committee will review all the applications and confirm the candidates who are eligible to be put forward for inclusion in the ballot. The Nominations Committee reserves the right not to progress applications which are incomplete or where the applicant would be unable to perform their duties as a director.

Voting and results at the AGM

An independent election management company, Civica Election Services Limited, conducts the elections by secret ballot using the Single Transferable Voting (STV) system. Weighted voting rights are applied to the Board elections, calculated on the basis of the number of domain names registered or renewed during the previous financial year, and subject to a cap as defined in our voting rights policy. See latest voting rights in the Member Hub. All votes will be cast electronically via a secure voting website operated by the scrutineer.

Election Queries

If you have a query related to the Nominet Non-Executive Director Elections, please send it to the Company Secretary, in their role as the Elections Convener via [email protected].