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We build solutions that protect Critical National Infrastructure, so you’ll be joining a team working at the heart of the internet, keeping .UK safe and secure.

Whether you’re looking to take that next step or to kick start your career, Nominet is a team of people united by our passion to do amazing work which makes a difference, with technology at its heart. It goes without saying that it’s a dynamic and innovative place to work; will you join us for the ride?

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We have a range of opportunities

Below are some of the typical roles and departments we recruit for here at Nominet but this by no means covers every role. We are sure there is a home for your skills with us.

To achieve our goals we need a workforce that’s representative of the users we serve, that’s why we bring together a diverse, balanced and expert team. People with all kinds of skills, abilities, qualifications and interests. We will continue to build an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our employees. This starts from the moment someone enters our recruitment process, we commit to fostering a process that is fair and authentic for all.

Our business is constantly evolving, and with this comes great opportunities to join our team. Our corporate functions like HR, Finance, PMO and Communications & Marketing enable the business to be successful. We look for people who are creative, ambitious, fun, curious, passionate, trustworthy and articulate. So, if you’re into big-budget product launches, creating seamless digital experiences, love managing projects or devising propositions, you’ll be in the right place.

Whether you’re looking to take that next step in your career or to kick start your career, Nominet is a team of people united by our passion to do amazing work which makes a difference. All in the name of creating a world which is more connected, inclusive and secure.

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Our QA Engineers are a vital part of our engineering team, ensuring that our solutions are truly fit for purpose, reliable and scalable. Working in agile / waterfall environments, QA Engineers work closely with product owners and developers to understand requirements as well as finding and tracking bugs to keep these systems optimal. If you’ve an appetite for the latest technology around automation, we’re on a journey to design and build automation frameworks from scratch in an agile environment using a range of technologies, such as Java, Cypress and Selenium.

Our QA teams work on a range of systems and applications across both our Registry Business and our Cyber Solutions so there is scope for some far-reaching, complex and important work.

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Our SDETs (Software Developers In Test) work in an agile environment and are crucial to the rapid deployment of our cyber solutions – the tools that keep organisations and services secure. As an SDET at Nominet you will get to showcase your ability to write ‘clean code’, demonstrate your deep understanding of the architecture that will enable you to design and build automated tests which are robust, reliable and reusable.

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Our IT Architects are at the core of everything we do. They provide the design expertise that ensure our internal systems and our innovative security solutions retain their high reputation as best in class, scalable and secure.

Our software architects lead the charge to deliver the evolving cyber security platforms deployed via the cloud using technologies such as AI, ML and Big Data. If you join us, you’ll enjoy the unique balance of getting a ‘bigger picture’ overview whilst being able to keep your skills sharp and get your hands dirty. Common responsibilities include overseeing the solution lifecycle from design to delivery and working with senior stakeholders to manage the ongoing product / solution roadmap.

The infrastructure architects at Nominet are the ones building and maintaining the heart of the national internet infrastructure. These employees are working on DNS and Network Architecture that secures the online experience for the millions who use the .UK namespace every day. Our architects ultimately create the vision and manage solution roadmaps for the systems and solutions that underpin our business.

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Nominet is a unique environment for those who have the skills to work as DNS Engineers/Specialists and our team provides deep DNS / DNSSEC project and support services to a broad range of customers. We are running critical national infrastructure and are constantly in demand to support, manage, troubleshoot and improve DNS infrastructure. We also support major government organisations using our PDNS Cyber Security solution – both in the UK and overseas. We maintain the security of our DNS via a range of sophisticated DNS solutions to stop online fraud including phishing and DNS hijacking.

At Nominet, we can offer DNS Specialists unparalleled access to opportunities you won’t find elsewhere – opportunities to build and support infrastructure that millions of users rely on each and every day.

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Whether you are an experienced DevOps Engineer, or are looking to take the first step into the DevOps space having built up great skills around automation and containerisation, we have a number of great DevOps opportunities across Nominet.

Opportunities exist in our Internet Engineering function, joining a recently established DevOps team operating at the heart of the internet infrastructure; and also in Cyber Solutions where you would be embedded in a cross-functional scrum team, working on deployment, management and maintenance of cloud-based cyber security products.

The context of our work is challenging, so these roles would appeal to someone who wants to make an impact in carving the way we approach DevOps, influencing our patterns of working with an ambition to create a DevOps Centre of Excellence. That means you will bring your expertise to help shape our future over a wide time frame. We have a long-term goal to make fuller use of cloud deployment, so these roles would suite someone looking to work in a hybrid cloud environment. These roles will also play a critical part in a significant containerisation project.

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Nominet’s Infrastructure Engineering team is responsible for managing the on-premise, hybrid and cloud IT infrastructure services and systems for Nominet and its customers. The team work on a wide range of technologies that underpin the critical national infrastructure for the .UK registry services and Nominet’s cyber security solutions.

This is the role for you if you’d relish the opportunity to work on technology that’s at the heart of the internet and you are an experienced, technically curious Infrastructure Engineer with strong troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

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Whether you’re a developer in our Internet Engineering or Cyber Solutions team, our developers work shoulder to shoulder with other engineering talent to design, develop, release and maintain our software and systems architecture that underpin Nominet’s systems. Either way you’re going have a real impact on critical national infrastructure and threat intelligence used by government organisations internationally.

In Internet Engineering you will get to develop new features, modules and applications that keep the .UK infrastructure running, along with our gTLD registry systems. You will play a key role in producing robust, cutting-edge Java web applications utilised by millions of users and at the heart of the Internet.

Our Cyber Software Engineering team is organised in scrum teams and as a developer you will be an integral part of one of the scrum squads working on Nominet’s threat intelligence platform.

Roles include:

  • Front-end developers using frameworks such as Angular and React

  • Back-end developers using Java, Hibernate and Spring.

  • Full-stack Engineer across the tech stack Javascript and Java

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Nominet has a host of future talent opportunities whilst also facilitating some fantastic development opportunities. We want everyone to stretch themselves and progress so that each of our people can truly shine.

What do we offer?

Future careers opportunities with Nominet include structured apprenticeships. You will earn as you learn, work towards a recognised qualification and benefit from a bespoke learning development programme. There are also entry level roles benefitting from the same access to development opportunities, including the opportunity to apply for additional qualifications.

We’ve filled all our Apprentice roles for 2021 but we encourage you to set up a job alert so we can let you know when we have a match for you.

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A note from us to Recruitment Suppliers

Here at Nominet we have an experienced in-house resourcing team who focus on candidate attraction via direct channels, and we’re in a really fortunate position that we engage lots of great talent directly.

We’re really pleased to know that so many great recruitment suppliers would like to work with us. In those times that we do require some additional support, we have a Preferred Supplier List that we would go to in the first instance. This is made up of partners who have built a strong understanding of the business and know what it takes to be a Nominet-er.

In tech recruitment especially, there are far more of you than there are of us. With that in mind, we politely ask that you avoid making any speculative approaches to our Resourcing Team or Managers across the business.