.UK Registry Advisory Council

.UK Registry Advisory Council 

Nominations are now open for the UKRAC Elections

Nominet is creating the .UK Registry Advisory Council (UKRAC) to give members a greater voice in how .UK is run. The purpose of the UKRAC is to foster the long term sustainable success of the .UK namespace, ensuring it remains safe, secure and competitive.

The UKRAC membership will include six elected Nominet members from three different segments of membership. They will be elected on a one member one vote basis, all Nominet members can vote for candidates in all segments.

  • Two Nominet members from the large registrars (Top 25 by .UK Domains Under Management)
  • Two Nominet members from the mid/smaller registrars
  • Two Nominet members from the secondary market (ie participate in .UK as a registrar solely to register domain names for themselves)

The process to appoint all six council representatives from three segments of the Nominet membership is underway.

Members who are interested in putting themselves forward for nomination should apply in writing either via email [email protected], or by using the below form no later than 17th June. Their expressions of interest must:

  • include a written election statement (250 word limit)
  • declare which segment of Nominet membership they represent (large, mid-small or independent)
  • note the names of their nominator and seconder – both must be members of Nominet, but one can be your member company/you if you are an individual member
  • state the company/organisation they are affiliated with if applicable

The following table explains the role of a UKRAC member. We expect that the UKRAC will meet virtually for the next 12 months. The UKRAC members will ultimately decide the best location and format of meetings going forward.

.UK Registry Advisory Council Member
Time 4-6 half day meetings a year + reviewing materials
Scope .UK registry - see Terms of Reference
Legal No legal duties
Election process One member/one vote - Single Transferable Vote
Length of term 2 years
Remuneration Reasonable expenses

Further details on the role of the UKRAC, the election process and expectations for UKRAC members, can be found in the Terms of Reference here.

Civica Election Services will be managing the election process which will be held from 30th June to 22nd July 2021.

Nominet has obtained external legal advice on the competition law aspects of the UKRAC which can be found here.

.UK Registry Advisory Council Application Form

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Over the course of 2020 the Nominet Board considered how to create a clearer link between the membership and the company. From 1st February – 1st March 2021 the Board sought member input on their proposal for an advisory council.

In March 2021 we announced the formation of a working group to finalise the terms of reference and scope of the council, agree how to segment the Nominet membership to ensure appropriate representation from each constituency, and define the election process and timetable. This Design Group was drawn from respondents to the initial consultation.

The Design Group met six times over March – May 2021. They discussed and debated many aspects of the new council at length, and sought to find solutions that would benefit the Nominet membership as a whole. The notes of their meetings are available below. Given constraints of time the Design Group were not able to discuss every aspect in detail, therefore the group acknowledged that not every element was subject to a final conclusion (including remuneration, frequency of meetings, term limits and the possibility of empty council seats) and the recommendation put to the Board was one which avoided delays in launching the council. The group accepted the UKRAC may need to revisit some of these elements and if changes were required they would put forward further recommendations to the Board.

The updated terms of reference were presented to the Nominet Board on 24th May 2021 where they were approved. The newly elected council will consider these terms at the first meeting and make decisions on how the UKRAC will operate in practice, including the frequency of meetings and whether an external secretariate should be used. The Design Group will also attend the first meeting to hand over the work they have completed and answer any questions, a proposed draft agenda is available.

Design Group Meeting Notes:

Meeting 1 – 15th March 2021

Meeting 2 – 29th March 2021

Meeting 3 – 12th April 2021

Meeting 4 – 26th April 2021

Meeting 5 – 10th May 2021

Meeting 6 – 17th May 2021

If you have comments or questions, please email [email protected]