.UK Registry Advisory Council

Update: Voting for candidates standing for election to the UKRAC opened 16th May 2022. See Member Hub for more information on the candidates.

.UK Registry Advisory Council

.UK Registry Advisory Council meeting notes, agendas and all papers are now available via the Member Hub – you will also find contact details for your UKRAC councillors here.

About the UKRAC

Nominet has created the UKRAC to give members a greater voice in how the .UK Registry is run. The purpose of the UKRAC is to foster the long term sustainable success of the .UK namespace, ensuring it remains safe, secure and competitive.

The UKRAC consists of up to six Nominet members that are elected by members on a one member, one vote basis. The Council is chaired by an elected Non-Executive Board Director.

UKRAC members serve a two-year term and can be re-elected, limited to two consecutive two-year terms.

The following table explains the role of a UKRAC member. The UKRAC currently meet virtually.

.UK Registry Advisory Council Member
Time 4-6 half day meetings a year + reviewing materials
Scope .UK registry - see Terms of Reference
Legal No legal duties
Election process One member/one vote - Single Transferable Vote
Length of term 2 years
Remuneration Members of the UKRAC shall receive a per diem payment of £500 for participation at each formal UKRAC meeting, as well as reasonable expenses.

Further details on the role of the UKRAC, the election process and expectations for UKRAC members, can be found in the Terms of Reference.

The Code of Conduct for Councillors of the .uk Registry Advisory Council provides guidance to the councillors as to what may and may not be considered acceptable conduct.

Where the UKRAC agrees to establish a Working Group, the process is set out in the UKRAC Working Group Process.

Nominet has obtained external legal advice on the competition law aspects of the UKRAC which can be found here.

If you have comments or questions, please email [email protected]


UKRAC Elections 2022

Voting for candidates standing for election to the UKRAC opened on 16th May and runs until 7th June 2022.
Your candidates are:

Dan RodgersDomain Registrar Services Ltd Mid - Small
Stephen YarrowDriver Information Systems LtdMid - Small
Robert TaylorHey.co.uk LimitedSecondary Market
James TuplinSecondary Market

Civica Election Services (CES) is managing the election process. An email with all the information about how to cast your vote was sent to Members’ voting contact email addresses on 16th May. Please check for an email from CES and if you have not received it contact [email protected]. Voting closes on 7th June 2022.

Results are announced to members once they become available and the candidates have been informed. New councillors will be invited to attend the June meeting as observers and will formally take up their seats at the August meeting.