Email to .uk rights holders

16th September 2014

We are currently emailing registrants of UK domains (,,, etc.) that have been granted the right to the short .uk equivalent of their current domain under our 5-year reservation mechanism.

Received an email about your .uk domain?

We’re emailing to let eligible registrants know that:

  • The short .uk equivalent of their UK domain has been reserved for them
  • This reservation is free, and they are under no obligation to pay anything extra, unless they choose to register the short .uk domain with a registrar
  • Registrants should contact a domain registrar or hosting company if they wish to register the .uk domain. However, they have time to think about it as the reservation will last until 10 June 2019, provided they continue their existing domain registration.

For practical reasons the email will only list up to 5 domains, but it refers registrants to Online Services where you can log in for a comprehensive list.

How do I find out more?

Our dedicated website,, provides further information about the new domains and the reservation rights held by existing customers.

If you have any questions then please contact our customer services team.