Nominet and Livity launch THIS IS HOW, a new podcast to highlight breadth of digital roles to young people

18th February 2020

18th February 2020: In response to the digital skills gap, a new podcast series has been launched to help inspire young people to opt for digital careers. Developed as a joint venture between Nominet and Livity, as the name suggests, ‘THIS IS HOW’ aims to spark curiosity about the breadth of opportunities available, how to get started, and share the paths of people from different backgrounds who have forged successful careers. The podcast is hosted by writer Bwalya Newton and brand consultant Alex Powis.

Spanning roles including a Data Analyst from Love Island, the Lead Animator from Framestore working on blockbuster movies, and a Software Engineer from Buzzfeed, the podcast will signpost to a series of relevant resources, including one-off learning materials, short and mid-term courses, networks to join and live employment opportunities, designed to capitalise on the initial inspiration and provide a foundation for further progression.

82% of advertised roles require digital skills, yet 12.6m of the adult UK population lack these skills, and with 65% of children entering primary school now due to work in jobs that don’t yet exist, the UK economy could lose as much as £141.5bn of GDP growth if this issue continues to go unchecked,” said Ellie Bradley, Managing Director of Registry Solutions and Public Benefit at Nominet.

“Our aim is that THIS IS HOW will provide insights into the plethora of digital roles available, in an engaging and informative way. In turn, we hope it will play its part ensuring the UK remains a vibrant digital economy as more young people become aware of, and embrace, as wide a variety of digital opportunities as possible.”

Following completion of an industry-wide discovery phase to assess and understand the barriers to digital, THIS IS HOW has been developed in partnership with industry stakeholders, including BIMA (British Interactive Media Association), the membership body representing the digital and tech industry in the UK, digital product design studio FricanDuo, youth charity The Prince’s Trust and digital education platform FutureLearn.

Alan Bryant, Head of Strategy at Livity said: “The resulting solution that we have designed puts entertainment at the heart of education, drawing young talent in with entertaining and interesting content first before sending them on a deeper learning journey once motivated to do so. A solution that we truly feel is innovative in the space and based on the design process, is set up with the best chances to succeed.”

About the podcast

Launching on Tuesday 18th February, the podcast will explore digital creative roles, all through the lens of those working at the forefront of these industries, tapping into the passions and interests of this audience.

The podcast is hosted by writer Bwalya Newton and brand consultant Alex Powis, who will explore the day to day realities of digital roles, demystify job titles and challenge stereotypes about what’s needed to establish a career in the digital sector.

“As a maths graduate, I had a very rigid mindset in terms of what I was able to pursue as a career. The industry that I now work in just wasn’t on my radar so having a resource like this podcast would have been invaluable for someone like me!” says Stefano Figoni, Data Analyst at ITV, one of the first podcast guests.

Chris Ashworth, Head of Public Benefit at Nominet said, “Access to skills, knowledge and opportunities are out there, but we’ve got to bridge the gap between that demand from employers and genuine interest and curiosity from young people. Our THIS IS HOW podcasts are a great medium to blend entertainment with useful information.  And the opportunity to hear from real people who’ve built careers in digital for such exciting brands and organisations, we hope, motivates young people to explore it for themselves.”

More details available via and podcasts available to download via all usual providers from Tuesday 18th February.

With an ambition to represent the ever-growing and changing industry, THIS IS HOW is looking for future guests, training providers and future partners to support the growth and sustainability of the platform.

THIS IS HOW is a joint venture between Nominet and Livity. Funded by Nominet with an investment of £300,000, it forms a key part of Nominet’s public benefit programme and commitment to provide support and opportunities to tackle some of the most important digital issues facing young people in the UK today. Livity, the leading culture studio and future consultancy with expertise in youth culture, has led the development and delivery of the THIS IS HOW platform.


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About Livity:

Livity is a culture studio and future consultancy. We’re here to design a better future with and for young people. Because they are the talent, citizens and customers who define right now what’s coming next for everyone. Our clients include PlayStation, Netflix, Dyson, Nike and the Government.

We help brands grow by earning them a place in youth culture. While our work benefits from young people’s insights, the young people we mentor receive training, experience and support into employment and education.

About Nominet:

Nominet is driven by a commitment to use technology to improve connectivity, security and inclusivity online. For over 20 years, Nominet has run the UK internet infrastructure, developing an expertise in the Domain Name System (DNS) that now underpins sophisticated threat monitoring, detection, prevention, and analytics that is used by governments and enterprises to mitigate cyber threats.  Our public benefit programme aims to improve the lives of one million people, providing support and opportunities to tackle some of the most important digital issues facing young people in the UK today.