Micro:bit Educational Foundation


Educational platform to help teachers teach creative coding

With funding from Nominet, the Micro:bit Educational Foundation developed a free educational platform to empower every UK teacher to deliver digital skills lessons.

The platform includes micro:bit classroom, a unique tool that makes managing and reviewing students’ code for the micro:bit quick and easy.

What is BBC micro:bit?

BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that uses tech industry standard hardware and wireless communication using radio and Bluetooth which can be programmed to send and receive data between devices. There are currently 1 million BBC micro:bit devices already in UK schools since 2016.

The benefits

  • The BBC micro:bit basics can be learned by any teacher in one hour and micro:bit classroom makes it possible to set-up programming lessons in less than 2 minutes.
  • micro:bit classroom allows teachers to view a students work live and in one place, as well as stop and resume lessons at any point. A host of new lesson resources and plans linked to the curriculum, will help teachers deliver an entire term of inspiring content with ease.
  • BBC micro:bit enables students to see and experience how their code directly interacts with real-world hardware, away from the computer screen.

The new learning resources and micro:bit classroom are freely available.

Find out more about the Micro:bit Educational Foundation and Nominet partnership.