Our partnership with BBC Education and the Micro:bit Educational Foundation encourages coding and technology skills in UK schools

Nominet is proud to be part of the BBC micro:bit – the next gen campaign with BBC Education and the Micro: bit Educational Foundation. This partnership will offer free micro:bits to all UK primary schools, helping them access the tools and resources needed to promote computational thinking, inspire digital creativity and enrich the curriculum with exciting and pioneering machine learning lessons.

The donation of almost 700,000 devices, funded by Nominet, offers 30 free devices per school, which will be delivered alongside free education resources and teacher training. All primary schools are invited to register on the BBC micro:bit website and will receive a set of devices and a resource pack between September 2023 and March 2024.

BBC micro:bit – the next gen builds upon our long-standing partnership with the Micro:bit Educational Foundation. In 2022, we jointly piloted micro:bit for primary schools across the four nations of the UK. This initiative also benefits from Nominet’s past support, which funded the development of a new teacher-facing website (microbit.org), including micro:bit classroom, to empower every UK teacher to deliver digital skill lesson

What is the BBC micro:bit?


What is the BBC micro:bit?

The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer designed specifically to help students learn about how technology works and to support the computing curriculum at school. The micro:bit is currently used by millions of young people across the world to get hands-on experience with computer science and technology.

It’s computing made physical, and code can be added and changed to sense, measure and log light, temperature, sound, movement and magnetism through the exploration of buttons, LEDs, networks, simple circuits and more.

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The opportunities the BBC micro:bit offers schools across the UK

  • Chance to equip children with essential digital skills and be part of the 39 million students learning with micro:bit in over 60 countries.
  • The BBC micro:bit enables students to see and experience how their code directly interacts with real-world hardware, away from the computer screen.
  • micro:bit classroom allows teachers to manage whole class coding lessons in minutes, including saving and resuming students’ work.
  • Educators can access free professional development courses and live webinars, both for those just getting started and more experienced teachers.
  • Lessons, projects, printable resources and more inspirational teaching resources are available to discover through the micro:bit website.

Learn more about the BBC micro:bit and access the resources.

Find out more about the partnership and BBC micro:bit – the next gen campaign.